Enrollment Packet

In order to schedule an enrollment appointment, we must acquire and review all of the following REQUIRED (mandated by MD State Department of Education) documents. Please submit a copy of the following at your earliest convenience. After the documents have been reviewed, we will contact you to schedule an enrollment appointment.


o FCPS Enrollment Form:  https://goo.gl/7SuhTY

o Proof of Date of Birth (supply one) Passport/Visa, Birth certificate (preferably Passport)

o Proof of Residency (supply one, which includes parent/guardian’s name, date and address)

      **The child must reside with the parent/legal guardian at the address provided**

1. Current Utility Bill (Water, Gas, or Electric bill ONLY), Current property tax bill, or current rental/lease agreement.      



2 . If parent and child live with someone else – owner/lessee of home needs to provide a FCPS Parent Residency Affidavit (Multi-Family Disclosure) verifying that the child resides at that address, plus a copy of the owner/lessee proof of residence (examples see #1).



3. PURCHASING A NEW HOME (living in district while waiting for home to be built)
  • Submit Sales Contract/Settlement document
  • If submitting Sales Contract – document must include settlement date
  • Submit 1st utility bill to OHS Counseling Office once acquired
4. PURCHASING A NEW HOME (living out of district/area while waiting for home to be built)
  • Call Student Services at 240-236-2493 
  • Once approved, please submit your enrollment packet to the OHS Counseling Office
  • Submit 1st utility bill to OHS Counseling Office once acquired

o Immunization and Health Records 

      Provide: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene form 896 Immunization Certificate and documentation of a

       recent physical exam, recorded on the Maryland Schools Record of Physical Examination).

  • All students are required to have a physical on file in the health room. The health room will accept a physical dated 9 months prior to enrollment or submit one within the first 6 months after enrollment.
  • When enrolling, if the student is missing a shot, the parent must provide the school with a note from the doctor’s office stating the date and time of the appointment in order to start school. Otherwise the student cannot attend school until he/she acquires missing shot.

oIEP/504  (if applicable– If your child requires special services/accommodations, please submit a copy of IEP or 504 Plan.

oCustody Papers/Legal Documents (if applicable) 

The child’s school records need to include a copy of the legal custody document in full. Selected individual parts of a legal document cannot be accepted. The adult enrolling the child must be his/her legal guardian. If the adult is applying to become the child’s legal guardian, the adult must provide proof that the application has been filed at the county court house.  (The school needs to be provided with: copy of application and court clerk’s receipt)

oReport Card – A copy of the last issued report card. If student received HS credit in 7th or 8th grade, please submit proof of credit.

oTranscript - Please submit a current unofficial high school transcript. (Incoming 9th graders may provide a copy of the 8th grade report cards or middle school transcript)

oTest Scores  - A copy of any state/local test scores.(Not Required for enrollment appointment, but will need to acquire from previous school.)

oSupplemental enrollment information for athletic eligibility form

oCopy of Parent/Guardian Driver's License 
Note: FCPS may obtain discipline and expulsion records when a student transfers from another school system. The superintendent may deny admission to a student who is currently expelled from another school system for a period of time equal to the expulsion. A parent/legal guardian is the only person who may enroll a student. Anyone else trying to enroll a student must provide proof of legal guardianship from the court system.
Please feel free to email me, if you have any additional questions.
Kelli Connolly, Registrar
Oakdale High School
5850 Eaglehead Drive
Ijamsville, MD 21754
(P) 240-566-9431
(F) 240-566-9440