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Reading Specialist


Carrie Mehl


A poem for each of you to ponder and to know all that you can be . . .

Letter to a Young Poet
Michael Dugan

Love words,
play with them,
find the meanings of those you don’t know.
Learn to recognize
descriptive words,
active words,
evocative words,
reflective words—
all manner of words
for all manner of purposes.
Decide whether you like to write in rhyme
on the other hand, in other forms.
invent words,
invent forms, harness ideas,
fish for images
and metaphors.
Express your ideas
in words and forms
that suit you.
Find your own voice
even if it takes hard work
and many hours.
Traveling to a poem
is a journey to be enjoyed.
P.S. I meant to start with this but decided to finish with it: 
Read other poets’ poems, learn from them, and delight in them.

An introduction to some, not all, about me . . .

Who am I?
A teacher –       

* all grades and levels (even middle school)
* English teacher and Reading Specialist
A professional –
* currently, a teacher specialist at Central Office –
o   I am a mentor to new teachers and I present professional development. 
o   I am writing Common Core Curriculum units at the Maryland State Department of Education. 
o   I am concluding my third year in this job and I asked to return to a school and to teach.
A mom –
* two sons –
o   one is a very recent graduate of TJHS and is going to college in August
o   the other son is teaching middle school in Pennsylvania
A wife –
* husband is a retired FCPS math teacher and Hood women’s basketball coach
A traveler --
* I want to travel the world.
* Last summer I went to England and Wales.
o   Castles and Walled Cities
o   Stratford-on-Avon
o   Oxford
o   London
o   Camden Market – where punk rock started!
o   Olympic Stadium
A poet, a singer, a dancer –
* I adore poetry.
* I like to sing and dance, which brings comic relief to my family.


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