Attendance Policy

Attendance questions: Sophia Heydari, Attendance Secretary: 240-566-9403
E-mail absent notes:
Students are expected to maintain acceptable attendance with absence from school only for lawful reasons. Unlawful absences may result in lowering of grades, ineligibility for extracurricular
activities, disciplinary action, and failures. The following attendance procedures and policies will be followed.
Returning from an Absence
Absences other than emergencies must receive prior approval if they are to be considered legal.
Students absent from school must present a written/emailed excuse within two school days from the parent. It is the student’s responsibility to present the note to the attendance office or the
front office. All written excuses must include the student’s first and last name, date(s) of absence, the reason for the absence and the signature of the parent/guardian.
Unexcused Absence Policy
  •         The Frederick county attendance policy specifies that more than five (5) days missed per term constitutes excessive absence.
  •         Students who have in excess of five (5) days of unexcused absence in any marking period will be assigned an “F” grade in all classes.
  •         Missing the bus, forgetting to set the alarm and over sleeping, or traffic problems are considered unexcused absences.
Late Arrivals to School
The school working day for students starts at 7:30 AM. Any student not in first period class at 7:30 AM will be counted absent. If students arrive at school after 7:30 AM, they should report
directly to the front office. A late slip will be issued with one copy given to the student and one copy retained in attendance. Tardiness could count as unlawful class absences and can
result in class failure.
Excessive tardiness is not accepted or excused.
Student drivers who are excessively tardy MAY lose the privilege of driving to school.
Unexcused arrivals after 7:30 AM, can expect the following per semester:
1 Late Arrival = Warning
2 Late Arrivals = Warning and phone call home
3 Late Arrivals = 1 after school detention and parent contact
4 Late Arrivals = 2 after school detentions and parent contact
5 Late Arrivals = 1 hour Saturday school/parent contact
6 Late Arrivals = 3.5 hour Saturday school/parent conference
7 Late Arrivals = 2 days of 3.5 hour Saturday school or other disciplinary action
Early Dismissal From School
  • Students may leave campus during the day with written consent from their parents and an out-of-school pass from the attendance office. If a student chooses to leave school property without prior approval, it will be considered a class cut.
  • Students leaving school for medical appointments must present a written/emailed excuse from a parent to the front office or attendance office. Students may come down between classes to pick up their out of school passes. Parents need to come into the school and sign-out their children in the Student Sign Out Book located in the front office.
  • The attendance staff will attempt to verify all early dismissal notes prior to issuing the student out-of-school pass.
  • Upon returning to school, the student must report immediately to the attendance office for an “admit to class” pass and sign in.
  • Students who become ill during the day and need to go home should get a pass from their teacher and then report to the health room. It is the responsibility of the students to know the locations of their parents and phone numbers where parents can be contacted. Completed current Emergency Cards will be kept on file in the health room. Emergency cards facilitate parental contact and are an important link in an emergency situation. Please be sure you have a current card on file.
  • Please discourage your child from using the cell phone to contact a parent to leave school early. The parent needs to contact the attendance office if a child needs to leave early and a note was not sent in that day. A written note needs to be turned in the next day to excuse the absence.
Vacation Trips and College Visits
  •            Absences for family trips or college visits will be excused but only with prior administrative approval.
  •            Students must bring a note containing the dates of absences and the explanation of a family trip or college visit to the attendance office at least 5 days before the absence will occur.
  •            Students taking trips with their parents may be excused no more than twice during the school year for a combined maximum of 5 days.
  •            Visits by students to prospective colleges will be excused up to 4 days per year.
Extracurricular Activity Participation
Students who arrive after 9 AM or who are dismissed before 12:40 PM or who are present for less than 300 minutes of the school day in combination may not  participate in any extracurricular activity that day.
Make-up Work for Absences
  • Students may make up work missed during excused absences. This includes legal late arrivals to school. Made up work counts for full credit.
  • Students who are suspended from school can make up work for full credit.
  • Students must request make-up work within two (2) days of their return to school and make necessary arrangements with the teacher.
  • Unexcused absences will cause the student to be denied credit for make-up work. The work may be done for the purpose of teacher review, but NO credit will be given.
High Absentee Tracking Procedures
  • Student attendance has shown some alarming trends in recent years. The number of days absent can be directly related to a student’s academic performance. Students with good school attendance tend to have more success in school than students with poorer attendance patterns. In an effort to reverse this downward trend in attendance, the following steps will be taken to encourage good attendance.
  • On the third and fifth day of unlawful absence per term, the parent/guardian will be notified by mail that the student may fail/lose credit if there are more than twenty (20) unlawful days of absence during the school year. The attendance policy/procedure should be explained to the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will also be notified of the appeal process. Half-day absences become part of the student’s total accumulated absences. The half-day absences are determined per Regulation 400-6.
  • On the tenth day of unlawful absence, the parent/guardian will be notified by mail requesting a conference with the school administrator. During the conference the attendance policy/procedure will be reviewed with the parent/guardian.
  • On the fifteenth day of unlawful absence, the parent/guardian will be notified by a telephone call and a letter requesting a conference with the school administrator to review the student’s academic and attendance record. The case should be referred to the pupil personnel worker. Once again the attendance policy/procedure will be explained.
  • When the student is unlawfully absent for more than twenty (20) days and is in danger of failing/losing credit, a certified letter will be sent to the parent/guardian informing him/her that his/her child may fail or may lose academic credit. The parent/guardian will be informed of the appeal procedure. The principal will render a decision on the final appeal. At the conclusion of the appeal process, an attendance work plan could be made available to the student within five (5) days. If the student successfully completes the attendance work plan, he/she will receive favorable consideration when the principal reviews failure/loss of credit at the end of the school year.
  • After the 10th day of absence, excused or unexcused, per semester, the student may be required to present a doctor's note for each subsequent absence.