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~~~These links do not represent the opinions of Frederick County Public Schools or of any of the teachers, including Ms. Grassi.  These are any articles you may see in the paper, magazines, or education-based websites.  If you like researching like I do, you'll love some of these sites.  Some sites will give an in-depth insight into national and local education.~~~
Information on this page is divided into sections.  It is not updated weekly and is just for fun/ extra knowledge!

*Common Core Standards Initiative-  This is big news in the world of education!  Our students will be getting more rigorous practice in all subject areas!  And might I also brings back grammar practice!!!

*  U.S. Department of Education

* Great site for parents and teachers alike!

* From the White House


Current events in Education (above)

* In The Times

* In The Washington Post

* Policy!

* More policy

* One of my personal favorites- teaching with technology is a huge focus on this site