About Ms. Grassi

Ms. Who?  Ms. Jessica Grassi!  I am certified to teach grades 1-6 and Language Arts/English grades 6-12.  I like to tutor, coach all-star cheerleading, read, spend time with friends and family, and be outdoors-especially near water!  I have a dog named Rylee; he is a Golden Laborador Retriever! 

This is my third year at Orchard Grove Elementary but my sixth year in Frederick County!  I previously taught 7th grade at Urbana Middle School.  I have seen many nervous 6th graders in my three years teaching middle school, so I am truly hoping to use my knowledge to prepare my students for 6th grade!  I don't just mean curriculum... but also how the schedule works, how to work a lock on a locker, etc!  We will actually practice this at the end of the year.  I am also working on coordinating with both feeder middle schools (Ballenger Creek and Crestwood) to provide pen pals for our 5th graders to ask any middle school questions they would like!  

I have lived in Maryland for just over five years now.  I moved here from Michigan!  I went to Pennfield public schools and then Albion College where I earned my Bachelor's in English and Elementary Education.  Since then, I have enjoyed furthering my education even more by getting certified as a Teacher Consultant for writing through the Maryland Writing Project at Towson University as well as working on my Masters degree in Educational Leadership at McDaniel College and American College of Education.
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On a lighter note, my favorite animal besides a dog is a giraffe and my favorite color is blue!  I like sports, but we may clash a little since I am from Michigan after all...  I love making the classroom feel like home away from home since we spend SO much time here!  I hope you like it!  I believe that my classroom becomes OUR classroom as soon as the wonderful, smiling faces of new fifth graders walk through the door.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.  This is going to be an AMAZING year!!!