At home tips

1.  Set goals for the year and follow through!  Check in each Term for progress and concerns.  Click HERE for an example chart.
2. Check the homework blog for at-home discussion prompts and so much more!
3.  Play online enrichment "games" on this website to go along with the in-class focus.
4. Be sure to have balance between home and school; relaxation and work; family and friends.
5.  Don't miss school if you can help it! We are a family in Room 220 and will miss you when you are away!  Makeup work and book work is simply not the same as classroom learning experiences.
6.  Don't forget about weekly homework assignments given on Mondays and due on Fridays.  You will always have Word Study, Reading Log, and Problem Solving.  Don't worry- these assignments are meant to get you ready for a middle school homework load and I will ease you into next year's expectations! Please try to have an agenda of your choice or one the school's Time Trackers to keep track of homework and permission slips.  Writing assignments on random pieces of paper may be effective for a little while... but they can easily get lost!