If you are absent

I'm sick... what do I do???

This is the place to look (other than the homework blog) to find out what to do first if you are absent.

1.  Do you have a planned vacation or event?  Please let the school and me (Ms. Grassi) know as soon as possible!  You can do this by emailing, calling, or even sending a letter!
2.  Check the homework blog for anything that can be printed off and done when you feel better.
3.  When you get back to class, ASK MS. GRASSI WHAT YOU MISSED!  This is very important.  In middle school next year, it is strictly YOUR (the student's) job to get all missing work.  I may not even remind you!  That's a lot of responsibility so I will try to guide you this year.  You will also receive a note in your mailbox from the Teacher Assistant that details everything we did in class.  Your copies of everything will be in your mailbox or in the files of the Student Section.  
4.  REST and feel better!  After all, health comes first.  I will be fair and understanding.
5.  You ONLY have the number of school days you missed to complete the work you missed.  Example:  You missed three days... that means you have three school days to finish the work and turn it in! :-)  Don't be late!  It WILL affect your grade.