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1.  Good Will Towards Men Websites for learning and helping the world

Free Rice - This site is GREAT!  Help end hunger and expand your vocabulary at the same time!!!
poverty -Persuasive letter example and helping poverty.
hunger site!  You can promote literacy, child healthcare, animal rescue, rainforest care, breast cancer, and hunger with the click of a button!  Sometimes a little help from one organization can make a huge difference :)
2.  Word Study and spelling helpers
antonym and synonym jeopardy
what's a mongoose?
what's a cobra?
what's a tailorbird?
Susan Butcher's book, "Granite"  We will be possibly 
 3D Iditarod

5.  ELECTION WEBSITES!!!! These sites will not be biased, I promise.  They promote knowledge among young adults about the voting process.


****WARNING: Youtube has some innapropriate content beyond this link.  Please ask Ms. Grassi or another adult before accessing this option!
6.  Language Arts Games and practice activities!!!

Survival pages:

MSA Preparation activities for Language Arts  Click here

http://www.ala.org/gwstemplate.cfm?section=greatwebsites&template=/cfapps/gws/default.cfm American Library Association websites for kids

http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/  November is National

Writing Month!  Do you think you can write a novel in 30
days?  This applies to parents too at:

  You can even vote for the next President!  If you feel more comfortable using a fake name instead of providing your own via the internet, that works too.  Channel One is an educational, yet fun, website that is shown in many schools around the nation. This is definitely a Social Studies link as well.

7.  Holiday Themed websites
Thanksgiving website:
Turkey -->Want to have the kids make something special over Thanksgiving without burning down the house???  Here's a cute napkin holder shaped like a turkey that you, or the kids, can make out of a clothes hanger :)  Enjoy!
http://holidays.kaboose.com/halloween/halloween-games.html  *Stay on this page only :)  Halloween games online!!!

8.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)


9. Math 



  (function tables)


Math Baseball

Math Arcade
MathCar Racing

Cool Math Games


Math is Fun

11.  Social Studies:

Native American Reports:

Choice one: go to Onekey.com to search for "Native Americans, Northwest".  Onekey is a SAFE version of google.  you may also use ANY of the safe search engines on the "Safe Search Engine" link on the top right of this page!

Choice two: http://nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/northwest.html

Choice three:  http://www.oregonpioneers.com/indian.htm

Choice four:  http://www.nhusd.k12.ca.us/ALVE/wow/Northwest%20Cultures/northwest.htm

Choice five:  http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/native/chi.html  Also look on the left of this website for more northwest tribes.  You know what they are!

Choice six:  Your book (yellow history book or blue history book), yourself, your notes from the video!
In the Jamestown Online Adventure, students imagine that they are Captain of the Jamestown Colony. They have a copy of the London Company's Instructions to help guide them. Also, they can ask their fellow colonists and the Native Americans for advice. They will need to be careful, though, because some advice is better than others.

Explore the Constitution! Learn more about our basic freedoms by playing "Save the Bill of Rights" then check out the "Interactive Constitution" and the "Constitutional Timeline." Learn, have fun, and celebrate our freedoms! Other interactive games include Which Founder Are You?, Seize the Vote!, Headed to the WhiteHouse, Lincoln's Crossroads, and the Bill of Rights Game.

  12.  Science Links (Stay tuned!)