Curriculum in a nutshell

5th Grade Curriculum (What we are going to learn) in a nutshell:

Language Arts (Reading and Writing):
                We will be discussing and having a lot of fun with poetry, novels, short stories, and drama.  We will also be working on the reading process as well as how to better understand when reading Science and Studies texts. We will be incorporating language usage and grammar this year to express our ideas in formal writing. Lastly, there will be a heavy focus on writing this year. In order to succeed in middle school, it is important to express what we think by writing. We will be writing creatively as well as in response to our reading. I promise, there will be something for everyone!
                This year we will continue to work on memorization of facts and real-world problems involving Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Patterns, Functions, Statistics, and Probability. Wow… that sounds like a TON of information! Please know that we will just be covering specific sections of each so please stay tuned on my homework blog and our 5th grade newsletters!
                In Science we will focus first on our “Rocks, Erosion, and Weathering” unit. This will include examining rocks for color, hardness, luster, and streak. It will also involve looking at some really cool natural occurrences such as tornados and floods to see how they change our Earth’s surface! The water cycle will be revisited in this unit in detail as well as the damages pollution can have on the water and land.   Our second unit will be “Terrarium Habitats and Microscopes.” In this unit we will observe single cell and multi-cell plants and animals. We will also use many different scientific tools to make our observations! Our third and last unit in Science will be “Electricity and Magnetism.” Look around you… what do you have in your house that runs on electricity? We will be learning HOW these things work! When we learn about magnets we will learn more about the positive and negative charges and you will learn what else (maybe something you use every day…) that has a magnet in it too. MSA review will be last for Science. We will be reviewing all material to prepare students for the Maryland State Assessment.
Social Studies: 
                Our first unit is “American Beginnings.” It will include European explorers, Africans, and Native Americans. Secondly, “Colonial America” focuses on slavery from the West Africans’ point of view, expansion of trade, and European settlements. Our third unit is “Rising Conflict and Revolution” which describes the loyal British vs. Patriot rebels! Lastly, “We the People: U.S. Government.” During this exciting and relevant last unit, we will be learning about the constitution from the beginning until now! What are our responsibilities today? You’ll soon find out… there may even be some acting involved!