About OGES

Orchard Grove Elementary School
Orchard Grove Elementary School is the hub of a dynamic, growing community between the major commuter corridors of Routes 70, 15 and 340. The school has enjoyed a variety of beautification projects to keep it a focal point in the community. Additionally, Orchard Grove’s faculty and administration have continually upgraded the type and availability of technology so our students can access the latest media for research, practice and production.

We derive our strength from the growing diversity of our community, which unites families from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and neighborhoods. This diversity is represented in our faculty, whose veteran teachers guide and support those new to Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS). We offer multiple opportunities for professional development, enabling all teachers to deliver the rigorous FCPS curricula in the most effective manner. The result is a growing student body taught by enthusiastic professional educators equipped with up-to-date resources.

Our school improvement plan targets student achievement. Each member of the school improvement team is responsible for creating a measuring tool for gauging progress toward specific goals and strategies. Orchard Grove also has a number of management teams made up of staff members who participate in making school-based decisions.

Students chose a dolphin as our mascot because it characterizes the intelligence, energy and communication that our children bring to the school. At Orchard Grove Elementary “"Opportunity + Growth + Empowerment = Success," and our students live up to that motto with "dolphin pride!"