School law requires all children to be in school each day. The school year consists of 180 regularly scheduled school days (see the Calendar Handbook)The school day is from 9:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Regular attendance is vital for a successful school experience. Statistics show that student achievement is directly related to attendance. Encourage your child to take pride in their attendance. If your child is reluctant to attend, please contact the school's guidance counselor so we can address any problems together.
Written/E-Mail Excuses: Maryland law requires a written excuse when a child is absent from school, late to school, or leaves school early. A note stating the reason for the absence or lateness is required within two days of the child's return to school and must contain the date and reason of absence, and the parent's/guardian's signature. Without this information, the absence is classified as an unlawful (unexcused) absence. A written excuse from the physician is required when a child is unable to participate in physical education class. A written note is needed from the family when a child is unable to go outside for recess.  You may email or call the front office at 240-236-3300.
Vacations: The Board of Education realizes that occasionally families may need to take a trip with their children during school. Students who take a trip with their families will be excused no more than twice during a year for a maximum of five days. 
Notification of Excessive Absences: Families of students accumulating excessive absences will be notified routinely by letter. Students with five or more unlawful absences in a term or with fifteen cumulative absences will be notified at the close of quarterly terms. With continued absences, a doctor's verification may be required for additional days accrued.