Civil War Reenacting

Growing up in Washington County, I have been surrounded by Civil War history. It was a combination of living within a short drive of Antietam, Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry, and New Market (VA); family members pretty much obsessed with history; reading historical fiction; and earning one of my majors in American Studies at LaSalle University that has turned me into a 'History Nut'. After attending a reenactment, I decided to take my love of Civil War history to the next level by becoming a reenactor.

Harris Family Photo (L to R - Sam, Sarah, and Joshua)


I currently am a member of the 7th Maryland, a Union regiment, reenacting as both a civilian and a soldier (Private Sam Harris). Attending reenactments is not only fun for both reenactors and spectators, it is also very educational. It is another way to get students and children interested in some of the many events that shaped our country's history.

Check out the 7th MD's webpage, where you can read our monthly newsletter, look up our event calendar, read some basic history about the regiment, and learn what it takes to become a Civl War Re-enactor.

We even made it into a local paper with some of our antics! Read it here.

Street battle

Above: Civillians of the 7th MD take supplies from 'dead' and 'wounded' Confederate soldiers, and also check on the wounded Union Colonel.

2009 Campaign Season
With winter right around the corner, there are only a few more events before the Union and Confederate soldiers go into winter quarters.




September 29-30: Brittany's Hope/Hope's Campaign (Elizabethtown, PA) - Union and Confederate soldiers are let loose on 100 acres of farm land to test their tactical skills against each other. A great even to really get dirty at.

October 17-18: 145th Anniversay Battle of Cedar Creek (Cedar Creek, VA) - This is going to be a huge event! With it being such a significant anniversary, event coordinators are expecting over 10,000 re-enactors!

September Storm 2007, reenactment of the Battle of Fox Gap