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Instrumental Music



Instrumental music classes use activities and arrangements presented in the Standard of Excellence Band Method series.  The goal of all ensemble classes is to prepare and perform standard wind band literature.  On completeion of these classes, students will be able to :

1. Perform exercises, scales, and short arrangements essential to develop technical proficiency on each instrument and the musicality of the ensemble.

2.  Recognize and define basic elements of music notation such as the staff, clef, notes, dynamic and tempo markings, key signatures, etc.

3. Perform works from wind band literature appropriate to the musical proficiency of each class.

4.  Demonstrate the ability to work sucessfully as an ensemble creating music which is accurate and exciting.

Event Dates:

Students are required to attend rehearsals and all evening performances.  Unexcused absences will result in a one-letter grade reduction.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands Winter Concert -

Sixth Grade Band and Honor Band Winter Concert -

Eighth Grade Band Adjudication -

Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands Spring Concert - 

Sixth Grade Band and Honor Band Spring Concert -

All performances begin at 7:00 PM in the school cafeteria.  Please contact Mrs. Cramer to discuss conflicts or transportation difficulties.

Concert Attire:

Women:  white blouse, black shoes, black skirt or dress pants (skirts should be mid-calf or longer).

Men:  white dress shirt with collar, black shoes, black socks, black dress slacks.

Instrument Storage:

Instrument cabinets are available in the band room but individual lockers are not.  Students who play flute and clarinet are encouraged to keep their instruments in school lockers which have a combination lock.  All instruments must be labeled with an address and phone number and parents should keep a record of the instrument serial number at home.  FCPS does not purchase insurance coverage for a student's personal property.  Students are responsible for their own personal property brought onto FCPS facilities.