Kitty Martin


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Kathryn Martin



My passion is art and enjoy having the opportunity to work with the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at New Market Middle, sharing my art experience, knowledge, techniques and skills.  Art provides a creative outlet for self expression.  Research has been conducted which shows evidence that developing the creative side of the brain enhances the ability to do better at logical tasks such as math.

My primary goal is to teach the students the fundamentals of art; art skills, media techniques and art appreciation that will lay the foundation for many successful experiences and connections with art throughout their lives.  

About the Visual Arts Classes: 

  • Students have the opportunity to work with a variety of 2 and 3-dimensional artwork such as drawing with shading and colored pencils, pastels, pen & ink, scratchboard, painting, printmaking, ceramics and paper mache`. 
  • Students will focus on developing skills, techniques and technical approaches through the exploration of various media. 
  • Written assignments, reading activities and vocabulary are an integral part of the class to strengthen student knowledge and communication skills in the content area.