Health & Physical Education

The middle school health and physical education program helps students to develop and value wellness and a healthy lifestyle. It also involves students in regular activities designed to improve individual fitness levels. Instruction emphasizes the value of being fit and of lifelong fitness. Students are guided in setting goals, applying fitness concepts in their daily lives and solving tasks through independent thinking.

Health classes provide the opportunity to acquire accurate information and develop healthful attitudes and behavior patterns. The health education curriculum provides age-appropriate information that includes family life and human development, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention, mental health, nutrition, fitness/exercise, and wellness/safety concepts. A Family Life Advisory Committee reviews and approves all curricular materials. Parental permission is required before a student takes family life and HIV/AIDS prevention units.

Physical education enables students to evaluate their personal fitness levels and improve their fitness, sport and activity levels for a lifetime of well being. Students are tested quarterly on their fitness level. Students learn and practice the basic skills, rules and strategies of a wide range of individual and teams sports along with the fundamentals of good sportsmanship, self control and respect for others.

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