Bring Your Own Device


To participate in the BYOD program, you must return the Parent/Student Permission Form.

To participate in the BYOD program, you must watch the FCPS BYOD Video.
Students must agree to follow the rules as stated in FCPS Regulation 400-18 - Electronic Devices-Student Use 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Before using your BYOD device, you will need to review the FCPS BYOD guidelines.
Click to access a PowerPoint detailing FCPS BYOD Policy, Frequently Asked Questions, and Parent/Student Permission Form information.
FCPS Bring Your Own Device Program
In addition to working towards installing wireless capability in schools, the county is piloting a new Electronic Devices - Student use Policy as well.  As school systems work to provide current technology to students, many are instituting a program that allows students to bring their personal devices to school to use for educational reasons within the school setting.  Devices can include iPod Touchs, smartphones, eBooks readers, tablets, laptops, etc.  Please note that as part of BYOD use, the student with parental approval assumes all responsibility of any loss or damage to their personally owned device.
All participating FCPS BYOD users will follow the newly developed FCPS BYOD pilot guidelines for BYOD use.  All NMMS BYOD students must watch a required video and sign the Internet and BYOD responsibility agreement to participate in the program.  Please note that the student assumes responsibility for adhering to the county Electronic Devices - Student use Policy. NMMS will follow discipline steps if use is inappropriate.