STEM Knight and Science Fair Information

Quest of Knowledge: Science, STEM, Engineering, and Social Studies Fair

Find an exciting way to look differently at the world to challenge and question what goes on around you! ... Visor Up Mounted on Horse.

Research, Experiment , Create Technology/ Engineering


But most importantly find passion for an area of science, history, geography or engineering to teach others about! Join us in a quest for knowledge.

Projects Due to classroom: March 21st

STEM Knight: Quest for Knowledge has been rescheduled for April 11th from 6-8 pm

(Any Scince/Social Studies projects that your child would like tow be on display that evening will need to come back to school on April 11th in addition there will be STEM activities to participate in)



Donations for STEM Knight: 

Sign-up Genius For STEM Knight (please place the donations in the bin in the front office or in Mrs. Gurnett's room)