Important Items    

  • Please remember to check over and sign your child's agenda each night.  I may include a note to you on this page.
  • Please also check your child's red take home folder each night.  Thursdays are when many school-wide papers come home.
  • Due to a early lunch time, students are encouraged to bring a healthy/nutritious snack (no candy please) to school each day. 
  • Have your child practice addition and subtraction facts in fun ways such as the card game War, Miller's Deck of Sums, computer games, flash card games etc.  That will help them with automaticity.
  • The weather is turning colder.  Please have your child wear a coat, hat, mittens etc. as we are out for recess for 20 minutes.
  • The students are running low on some school supplies such as pencils and glue sticks.  Check with your child to see if they need any of these items.