Math Journal and Math Practice

Math Practice:
Students are not going to be assigned weekly math homework.  
They will occasionally be asked to reflect on math tasks completed during class or group work.  If students are in need of extra practice on an individual basis, they may be assigned a few practice problems.  If this happens it will be written in their agenda.

Research shows..."Math Homework should be given only if the homework task is worthwhile and draws upon opportunity for reflection or active investigation around the home." (Mathematical Mindsets by: Jo Boaler and Carol Dweck; pg.109)

* Note:  If students would like to practice math other times they may go to my resource page for other math sites.

*This has not been set up yet but will be soon.
In class Students will use the link below to take  them to  the Frontrow Math site.  Once they are on the site they will type in their first and last name and their class code.  
Ruch Math class code - 
                                     Goldstein Math class code - 
They may also go on this website at home to do math practice throughout the week.

Math Journal:
Students will keep a math journal.  In this journal they will have important notes and example problems.  Students are expected to take good notes and keep their journal complete.  They will receive a math grade each week on the work and organization of their math journal.  Students will get their math journal signed at the end of each week.