Quarterly Projects

At Home Book Review:  (Students will NOT be given time to work on this in class.)
Students will write a one page (minimum) book review of a chapter book of their choice.  They must also prepare an oral presentation that includes a visual (powerpoint, poster, movie trailer, etc.) aid to share with the class.  Due dates will be assigned at the beginning of each quarter.  Requirements for the project and scoring rubric will be sent home at the beginning of the quarter.  
Quarter 1 due date:  October 24
Quarter 2 due date:  January 13
Quarter 3 due date:  March 24


Book Review expectations:

Part 1

Write a book review that includes a detailed summary of the book as well as your own opinion and recommendation of the book.  You may use the attached organizer to help you plan your written review.  The final book review should be written neatly on loose leaf paper or typed and should be at least one page (written on every other line) and no more than two pages.

Part 2

Prepare a presentation of your book review to share with the class.  The presentation should include a summary of the book and your recommendation.  Your presentation should not give away the ending of your book.  It should entice others to read it.  There are many possibilities for this project.  Some possibilities are…

  •  a commercial advertising the book (could be presented live or prerecorded on a flash drive)

  •   a poster about the book

  •   a skit acting out a favorite scene (you can ask classmates to play a role in your skit)

  •   a song / rap

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • create your own (come up with your own unique idea for your presentation - just be sure to    run the idea by your teacher first)

In Class Workshop projects:   (Students work on these in class, but may work on them at home if needed)
Reader's Workshop is a time for students to read books of their own choosing independently.  Upon completion of a book, students will choose from a menu of activities to demonstrate comprehension.  A variety of menu options are provided to meet the needs of all learning styles and interests.  Students are expected to vary their menu choices within a quarter.  Students must complete three workshop projects within the quarter.  Any additional projects completed will be counted as extra credit. 

Quarter 1 due dates:  September 9, September 30,  October 29

Reading Workshop menu


Create a timeline that describes the important events of the story or text.  


Create a colorful brochure highlighting important events or information about your book.  

Title-Down Paragraph:

Create a title down paragraph that uses an acrostic topic heading to help share information you have learned about your book.

Character Traits:

Draw your favorite character.  Around the character write words (at least 6) that would use to describe the character.  For each word, provide text evidence or quotes that demonstrate those traits.


Create an infographic about your book, chapter, or a scene from the book.  

Diary entries:

Imagine that you are the main character in your story.  Create a series of diary entries (at least 6) that tell some of the main events and how your feel about them.


Draw an illustration of an important setting from the book.  Write a paragraph explaining it’s importance in the story. Give at least 2 examples from the book.


Create a dictionary / glossary for the book.  Include the word, definition, sentence from the book, and an illustration.  Your dictionary should include at least 8 words from the book.

Venn Diagram:

Compare and contrast two characters in your book / OR you and a character from the book.  Create a diagram and then write a paragraph using text support.


Imagine you are interviewing the character of your choice in the book.  Write at least 8 questions you would ask.  Include the questions as well as the characters responses to the questions.

Comic Strip:

Pick an important scene from the book and rewrite it as a comic strip.  Your comic strip should have at least 6 frames and use speech bubbles.  A brief summary of the book should also be included.

Script/ Performance:

Write a play script for the most important scene for your book.  Get friends to help you perform your play for the class.  A written script must be turned in after performing it.  


Create a large bookmark about your book.  It should include an illustration and the title on the front and a summary on the back.

Newspaper article:

Create a newspaper article to provide information you learned or to tell summarize the story. Include an illustration with a caption, and a headline to grab your reader’s attention.

Story Tree:

Create a story tree using the directions provided.  Be sure to choose words wisely to go on your tree!  


Write a letter to the author of the book.  Describe your favorite parts and include text support.  Be sure to ask the author a few questions!