For Students: Science and Math Resources

 I will add websites and extra resources throughout the year to this page.

Science: Below are links to important science topics that we will be studying this year.
Weathering and Erosion Video
Weathering and erosion shape the world that is around us. Watch and listen as Zoe and RJ from the StudyJams Crew explain the science behind weathering and erosion. StudyJams was created by Scholastic to make science and math fun for kids through animated videos, step-by-step tutorials, and educational karaoke songs. Go to to see more great science and math videos from StudyJams.

On you will find pictures and descriptions of Igneous, Metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.  Students can click on images and get a close up look at what different rocks and minerals look like as well as detailed descriptions.

Rock Cycle
On you will learn about the rock cycle, as well as the different types of rocks.  There is a rock cycle diagram and once you have studied the cucle, you can test your knowledge by filling in a blank rock cycle diagram.  You can also test your skills by answering questions about the rock cycle.


Below are links to math websites that will give additional practice on fifth grade math topics we will be covering this year.

Tenmarks:  Students will solve parcc like math problems that are multistep.  There are videos and helpful hints for each problem.  Student may also work in Jam sessions anytime for extra practice thatś not assigned.

Frontrow:  Students may log onto frontrow for extra math practice anytime and fact practice.

Prodigy:  Students play the prodigy game which is like a video game that practices math problems.

Math Playground
On you will find math games by grade level and by math topic.  There are math videos and logic games.  You can also find thinking block interactives where you can model and solve word problems.
Sheppard Software


ThinkFun (play rush hour online) 



Child Engineering