Quarterly Home Projects

 At Home Book Review: (Students will NOT be given time to work on this in class):

Students will write a one page (minimum) book review of a chapter book of their choice.  They must also prepare an oral presentation that includes a visual (powerpoint, poster, movie trailer, etc.) aid to share with the class.  Due dates will be assigned at the beginning of each quarter and noted below.  Requirements for the project and scoring rubric will be sent home at the beginning of the quarter.  These must be done at home.  Kids have been given an organizer and the directions and will be glued inside of their agendas.  ONE COPY PER STUDENT (extras are given by REQUEST only). 

Quarter 1 Due Date-November 3
Quarter 2 Due Date-January 19
Quarter 3 Due Date-March 29

Book Review Organizer Link:


Book Review Guidelines:

Part 1

Write a book review that includes a detailed summary of the book as well as your own opinion and recommendation of the book.  You may use the organizer stapled into your agenda to help you plan your written review.  The final book review should be written neatly on loose leaf paper or typed and should be at least one page and no more than two pages.

Part 2

Prepare a presentation of your book review to share with the class.  The presentation should include a summary of the book and your recommendation.  Your presentation should not give away the ending of your book.  It should entice others to read it.  There are many possibilities for this project.  Some possibilities are…

  •  a commercial advertising the book (could be presented live or prerecorded on a flash drive)

  •   a poster about the book

  •   a skit acting out a favorite scene (you can ask classmates to play a role in your skit)

  •   a song / rap

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • create your own (come up with your own unique idea for your presentation - just be sure to  run the idea by your teacher first)

Presentations will be done all week.  Students will randomly present on the due date and the following week. Some students may NOT present on the due date, however they should be prepared to do so if they are selected. Book reviews and presentations will be graded using a scoring rubric.