Fifth graders are expected to read for at least 20 minutes Monday through Thursday evenings (weekends when possible). Parents are to sign off on the reading in their child's agenda each evening. 

Students should complete two boxes off of their math menus PER WEEK NOT per night.  These are stapled inside each student's agenda.  


Copy and paste the URL below into a new tab.  Students may change the multiplication problems to match their skill set (to make them more challenging or appropriate for his/her level of problems done in class. 


Fifth graders will be learning new word study words each week to improve their written and verbal language skills. Students will be held accountable for the meaning and spelling of those words.  Students are given their words each week.  They are expected to bring home their words each night to practice sorting.  Parents can also help by giving a "practice" word sort on Thursday evenings as they will be tested each Friday.  Students will also work with these words in class each day.  The hw piece involves having them spend ten minutes sorting the words in their baggies that come home.     

Students are reminded each afternoon to bring home their completed agendas, words to sort, and books.  They also are given time each afternoon to write these assignments down in their agendas.  If a student does not have this written down, they chose to ignore directions and not use their time wisely.