Fifth graders are expected to read for at least 20 minutes Monday through Thursday evenings (weekends when possible). Parents are to sign off on the reading in their child's agenda each evening. 

Students should practice their math facts each night until mastery.  There are online websites under the MATH section of my site.  Also, additional math homework may be assigned.  Students should be recording their math hw each day in their agendas upon arrival to school.  It is their responsibility to record assignments in their agendas each day.  

Fifth graders will be learning new word study words each week to improve their written and verbal language skills. Students will be held accountable for the meaning and spelling of those words.  Students will complete three assignments total from
the homework menu (link to the homework choices below).  When there is a short week due to holidays or teacher work days, the teacher may assign 1 or 2 boxes instead of 3.  Students should be following the homework requirements for each week by checking the homework board posted in the class and recording the assignment in their agenda each day.  Students should do three DIFFERENT menu choices each week.  They may repeat a menu choice the next week.    

Students will be quizzed on these words each Friday.  Parents can also sign off on any of the "NONwritten" assignments that were completed (such as the Act Out) in their homework notebooks as proof of completion.  For example: Students are to title the homework menu choice on a blank page of their homework notebooks and the parent should sign ONLY the assignments that do not require writing in the notebook such as the act it out choice.  

Homework Menu docs.google.com/document/d/13-u4JXIN80wQ10SB_wHX8BpXI_v3uwCNGoKvT3EEqjI/edit