Weekly Update (Week 8)

 Happy Friday 3rd Grade Parents,

It was very nice to have a full 5 day week this week!  Unfortunately, that feeling is fleeting as we move towards two very crazy weeks!  I want to apologize in advance for the length of this e-mail but there is a lot to cover.
This past week, we zipped through many important topics in math.  On Monday and Tuesday, we worked on perimeter and area.  We completed a few classwork assignments and spent lots of time talking about the difference.  This knowledge helped us complete our Unit 2 test that is a county wide assessment.  The scores for our class were AMAZING!  There were no grades lower than an 80%.  Unfortunately, these assessments cannot be sent home.  I will make them all available to you at conferences.  We spent the second half of the week entering "Fraction Land" as we call it.  In Fraction Land everything can be separated into equal parts.  We also discussed the purpose of a numerator and denominator.  Next week, we will continue with fractions and learn about applying fractions to a number line.  This concept is very abstract and difficult for 3rd graders to understand.  We will be working very hard in the classroom but it is VERY important that your student is doing their homework to keep the ideas fresh in their mind!  We will also be working on 3s multiplication next week while still practicing our 8s.  3s pretest will be Monday, post test will be Wednesday and retake is Friday.  We will have another 8s retake on Thursday!
In reading, we have been improving our verbal discourse.  We are learning ways to better communicate our ideas in a group setting.  We are also practicing responding to other's ideas and effectively communicating our explanations.  Student's were given sentence starters that can help them learn what ideas to contribute to the group.  This activity also stresses the importance of listening to others.  I have already seen a great increase in both speaking and listening.  
In writing, we finished our Narrative Writing unit.  This unit was centered around zooming in on a small moment and writing a true story.  Earlier this week, we analyzed the 5 paragraph (wow) stories we wrote last week.  On Thursday, we wrote our last narrative in an on demand writing assessment where we were given 40 minutes to complete a whole story.  So far, the stories look wonderful and they will be in your hands next week!  Ask your student what they wrote about.  We have also started writing letters to some local veterans.  We had a great discussion today about Veterans Day and we are excited to write our letters on Monday.  Next week we will finish our letters and start talking about pronouns.  Our next writing unit will be informational writing.  
Finally, we have said goodbye to our critters in Science and we have started to explore water pollution.  We will be wrapping up our science units next week with the completion of our Aquatic Projects (due MONDAY)!
Please have your students dress in red, white and blue next TUESDAY!  We will be taking a picture to prepare for our Veterans Day Celebration.  WEDNESDAY is Super Hero Day.  If your child would like to dress up as their favorite super hero, they may.  They can also make up their own to dress as!  Our Halloween party will be next THURSDAY October 30th from 1:25- 2:25.  Mrs. Phelps has done a wonderful job planning lots of fun activities!  FRIDAY is a 2 hour early dismissal :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)