Weekly Update (Week 5)

We had a wonderful and VERY different week this week!  The 2hr dismissal and day off in the middle of the week definitely caused our schedule to change a little bit.  We completed all of our state project presentations and every student did a fantastic job!  I was very impressed by the posters and visuals that your students created.  They are currently being displayed in our classroom and will stay up as decoration until our new project replaces them.
In math this week we practiced addition and subtraction of numbers in the tens and hundreds.  When adding these numbers we used strategies such as writing the numbers in expanded form before adding, finding friendly numbers, using a number line, and the traditional algorithm method.  It is important that your student practices the different methods and can use them all.  Future quizzes/tests will ask them to use multiple methods.  Also, next Wednesday will be our first Unit Test in math.  We will be reviewing rounding, addition, and subtraction on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday's homework will be a review guide.
We started working with non-fiction texts this week in Reading.  Our main focus this week was finding the main idea of the text and identifying the supporting details.  The text we worked with was about Green Sea Turtles and it is preparing us for our Aquatics Unit which is quickly approaching in science.  
Over the past two weeks, we have been creating a detailed story about one small moment we shared with another person.  Talk to your student about their story.  We also completed our adjectives lesson today by creating a spider web that contains an adjective that describes us.  They were very cute! Stay tuned for pictures :)  Next week we will start learning about verbs and we will be publishing our stories.  
Finally, we started learning about the world this week!  We have zoomed out of the USA and we learned the 7 continents and the 5 oceans (yes, we now teach 5, not 4).  We will be finishing our mapping unit next week in order to make room for our science unit.  
Just a few notes... Our aquarium field trip is on October 10th.  Permission slips are in mailboxes and will be sent home in red folders on MONDAY.  Be on the look out.  Also, please sign your students agenda each night.  We have had many clip moves lately and it is important that you are aware of your child's behavior in class.  Thank you for all of your help and cooperation.  
Enjoy your weekend!