Weekly Update (Week 4)

Sorry I never sent your weekly update last Thursday! The short week threw me off.  This email will recap last week and tell you a little about what we are doing with the crazy 3.5 day week we have this week.
In math last week, we worked on rounding three digit numbers to the tens place and the hundreds place.  We learned that practice makes perfect and sometimes we have to read directions carefully in order to answer the questions correctly.  We also started addition with numbers in the hundreds.  I can already tell that your students have lots of addition and subtraction knowledge from second grade.  This week, we will finish addition and practice subtraction.  We had fact test Thursday last week because of Fair Day on Friday.  Fact Tests this week were not as successful as normal.  Make sure your student is practicing their facts about three nights a week.  These facts are getting more and more important as we come closer to multiplication.  Some of our class has graduated from addition to subtraction.  This is noted by a sticker on their last fact test and a grade of 98% or above.  I hope we have many more starting subtraction this week.  Multiplication will soon be upon us.
We have finished our folk tale and fable unit for quarter 1.  Our class really enjoyed the folk tales we were reading but it's now time to start non-fiction texts.  Last week we learned a lot of reading strategies that help us pull information from texts.  These strategies will be used again this week to analyze articles on animals.  When reading with your student at home, ask them to predict what will happen in the next chapter or in a new book.
In writing, we are focusing in on details and expanding our writing.  We are putting our knowledge of adjectives to work and trying to use words to help our readers draw a picture in their mind.  Ask your student what they did in school today and listen closely for their description.  
We finished learning our states last week and did another map fill in to challenge our minds and see if what we have learned.  Every student improved!  We will complete another very soon.  We are challenging ourselves to see who can learn all of the states.  
We started off our Monday morning with some WONDERFUL state presentations.  I am very impressed by the quality work that the students have done.  These projects look fantastic.  Not all students will get to present today.  We will be doing presentations all week so check your students folder each night for their grade report.
If you have any questions please ask :)  Just a reminder, we half a 2hr early dismissal on Wednesday and no school on Thursday!