Weekly Update (Week 3)

Happy Friday Families :) 

We had a very productive week!  In writing we worked on writing about small moments with lots of detail.  Your students wrote wonderful stories about a special place in their life.  Ask your child about their story and the place they chose to write about.  We also learned about adjectives which helped when we were describing our places.
In math we worked on place value and rounding numbers to the tens and the hundreds.   Your students came to third grade with lots of knowledge in those areas and we were very successful in those areas.  Rounding will carry over into next week where we will be rounding more difficult numbers.  Also, math homework will come home in the "Go Math!" books next week.  This book provides lots of guided practices that will be valuable to your students as the work becomes more difficult.
In reading, we continued working on folk tales and fables.  We learned lots of valuable lessons from the stories that we read this week.  As a whole class, we have made it through most of the Charlotte's Web book.  This is fantastic because a lot of what we heard about in the book will appear at the fair on Monday (minus the talking animals).
A few field trip notes...
-Send your child to school in a NMES t-shirt or blue shirt on Monday and sneakers.
-Make sure you pack your child's lunch.
-Your child must carry their lunch. Please send them to school with a cinch sack (or small back pack) for their lunch.
-Do not send money. Students are not allowed to purchase items from the fair.
-Do not be late on Monday. We leave right away after announcements.
The website has been updated and pictures will be added alter this weekend :)  Have a wonderful weekend!