Friday Oct 12

On Friday,  we had the firefighters visit!! At first, we went outside and had a look through the firetrucks and the ambulance.  The firefighters talked about the equipment on the trucks, and how they might use them.  Then, we went to the cafeteria and looked more closely at the firefighter's protective clothing.  As we watched, Firefighter Steve turned from a friendly man, into a firefighter completely dressed in his protective gear.  We talked about that although he might look different in his gear, he is in fact the same person, and only wants to help you and keep you safe. The kids got a chance to give his gloved hand a high five and tap his helmet.   The firefighters also talked again about 911, creating a meeting place outside your home, changing the batteries in your smoke detector, crawling through a smokey room (stay low and go), what to do if fire touches your clothes (stop, drop and roll),  and to never, ever hide from a fire, or a fireman.  Your  job is to "get out"  but if you can not... the firefighter will help you.