Brief Biography


I have been teaching in FCPS for 31 years; this year marks my 32nd year. I started my teaching career in 1988 at South Frederick (now Lincoln) teaching first grade. Since then, I have taught 4th & 5th grades at Hillcrest and Orchard Grove Elementaries, 5th grade Magnet at NMES and 4th also at NMES.

I grew up in rural Carroll County, Maryland, with one brother and two sisters. I am certain we gave our parents a fit! I graduated from Franics Scott Key High (nick-named,'Cornfield High' since it sat directly across the street from a HUGE cornfield, which has sadly been plowed and replaced with houses!) in 1984; then I attended Catonsville Community College in Westminster, Maryland from 1984-1985. I transferred to Harding University in Arkansas and graduated in 1988 with a BA in Elementary Education. 
I continued my education by attending Hood College and obtaining my Master of Education in May 1994.

I enjoy singing and drama and have participated in many musicals with FTP over the years and was an active member of the Frederick Chorale. I currently sing in the traditional choir at St Timothy's Roman Catholic Church in Walkersville. 

Another passion of mine is greyhounds. I have adopted FIVE since 1997; two of which developed cancer. I currently have Hayden, age 4. I am an active volunteer with Wags for Hope, a local pet therapy group and with Paws on the Mountain, a local greyhound adoption group.