March 28, 2012

Language Arts:
Word wall words: my, by
Word Family: ing
Letter sounds: short and long vowels
Writing: Science journals and spring
Numbers and sets: 0-100, recognizing, writing and knowing more than, less than and equal to
Subtraction and Addition: Subtraction up to 10, find the missing number
Shapes: 2D- triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon
             3D- cube, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, spheres
Social studies:
Earth around us
Living Organisms
Schools closed April 2nd-9th
April 14th- Fun Run
At Home:
Check out this fun website for spring games:
This website is fun for spring crafts:
When we come back from spring break we will be discovering plants. Check out some fun ideas for gardening projects here:
*Students will be tested on these areas