March 20, 2012

Language Arts:
*Word wall word: little
Word Family: oat
Letter sounds: short and long o
*Writing: Rabbits, Spring
*Numbers and sets: 0-100, recognizing, writing and knowing more than, less than and equal to
Subtraction: Subtraction up to 10, find the missing number
*Shapes: 2D- triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon
             3D- cube, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, spheres
Social studies:
Earth around us
March 23rd: Basketball Game and 2 hour early dismissal
March 26th: Schools Closed
March 27th: Literacy Night
At Home:
The Kindergarten team will be sending home flashcards to practice both addition and subtraction facts through 5. Please add this to your nightly homework routine to help students with math facts.
*Students will be tested on these areas