February 15, 2012

Language Arts:
Word wall words: and
Word family: and
Vowel sounds: short and long i
Writing: Informational writing
Numbers and sets: 0-50, recognizing, writing and knowing more than, less than and equal to
Social studies:
Special Person of the Day: We will have special people of the day to have classroom discussions
Presidents’ Day: Have a discussion and read about President’s Day
Dentist: We will talk with a dentist to learn more about how to keep our teeth healthy
February 17th : 2 hour early dismissal and a dentist will be coming to our class to teach us how to take care of our teeth!
February 20th: No School Presidents’ Day
February 27th: Book fair begins
At Home:
Practice counting to 50 by taking an inventory of something in your home. For example you may take an inventory of food and find out that you have:
20 carrots
35 grapes
5 potatoes
15 granola bars
Make a chart with that information and read the chart with your child. Then have your child put the numbers on the chart in order and count from the greatest number to 50.
*Students will be tested on these areas