February 8, 2012

Language Arts:
Word wall words: he, she, we
Word family: ig
Digraphs/ Letter sounds: Sh
Writing: Informational writing
Numbers and sets: 0-50, recognizing, writing and knowing more than, less than and equal to
Addition: add sets to 10
Social studies:
Special Person of the Day: We will have special people of the day to have classroom discussions
Dentist: We will talk with a dentist to learn more about how to keep our teeth healthy
Valentine’s Day Party: 2:00-3:00 February 13, 2012- Please send in Valentines no latter than February 10th
Our class will be celebrating the 100th day of school in February 10th! This means we will be traveling to each kindergarten classroom to do a different 100th day activity.  On Friday the 17th a dentist will be coming to our class to teach us how to take care of our teeth!
At Home:
Play Number Riddles:
Display any numbers. Use a riddle such as the following:
This number is 10 and 2 more. What is it?
This number is 2 less than 20. What is it?
*Students will be tested on these areas