January 27, 2012

Language Arts:
Word wall word:  where
Word family: un
Vowel sounds: O, E and I
Writing: We will be writing about Groundhog Day
Numbers and sets: Review of numbers 0-30 as well as making sets up to 30
Addition: students will begin to add sets to 10
Social studies:
Groundhog Day: We will learn about Groundhog Day through text and discussions
Special Person of the Day: We will have special people of the day to have classroom discussions
Valentine’s Day Party: 2:00-3:00 February 13, 2012- Please send in Valentines no latter than February 10th
At Home:
Check out Mrs. Siderius’ Resources on the side of her webpage to promote good literacy practices: http://nmes.sites.fcps.org/mediacenter
*Students will be tested on these areas