January 10, 2012

Language Arts:
*Word wall word: was- all word wall words will be evaluated
Word family: am
*Compound Words- Students will need to blend two words together to make a compound word as well as break apart a compound word.
            Example: mail // box to mailbox
                            Football to foot // ball
Writing: We will continue to write about snowy weather
Shapes: 3D shapes- such as a cube, sphere or cone
*Numbers: Review of numbers 0-20
*Measurement: Review of the terms longer, shorter and the same length
Social studies:
Special person of the day to work on classroom discussions and relationship building
Discuss the history of Martin Luther King Jr.
Magnets and Heat
No school Monday, January 16th
2 hour early dismissal January 20th
As the quarter ends students are evaluated and some may be regrouped as well as change classrooms for the language arts block of the day. This is to ensure your child’s success in reading. If your child does change classrooms for language arts (from 9:00-11:00am) there will be a note sent home on January 24th.  Thank you for your cooperation.
*Students will be tested on these areas