January 6, 2012

Language Arts:
Word wall word: with
Word family: ug
*Syllables- Students will be expected to identify 1, 2 and 3 syllable words (We count on our fingers in class, putting up one finger for each syllable we hear)
*Compound Words- Students will need to bled two words together to make a compound word as well as break apart a compound word.
            Example: mail // box  to mailbox
                            Football to foot // ball
*Writing: We will be writing about what students would do on a snowy day.
Shapes: 3D shapes- such as a cube, sphere or cone
*Measurement: Review of the terms longer, shorter and the same length
Social studies:
Special person of the day to work on classroom discussions and relationship building
Discuss the history of Martin Luther King Jr.
*Students will be tested on these areas