November 8, 2011

Next week we are going to be learning about the word wall word “can.” We will also begin the word family “an” to learn words such as: man, fan and tan. (To learn this I pretend to hold the beginning letter in one hand and “an” in the other. Then I clap my hands to “mash” the sounds together as we say the word it makes) We will also learn more about the letter C and the sound that it makes. We will be writing about who we are thankful for as we begin our discussions about Thanksgiving. In math, we will continue to learn about measurement. Specifically, students will be expected to know the words: longer, shorter and the same. Next week on Friday, November 18th will be “Books and Breakfast”, if you can please join your child for breakfast in the cafeteria on Friday.
Ideas for home:
  • Visit  on Starfall to learn more about the “an” family. While you are there click on the ABC’s and find the letter C.
  • Have your child write a thank you note to someone they are thankful for and mail it to them.
  • Have your child make a picture of things they can do.