October 26, 2011

Beginning next week we will be learning the word wall word play. We will also begin discussing the letter N and the sound that it makes. In writing we still are focusing on writing in complete sentences while using finger spaces, correct punctuation, and correct spelling of word wall words. We are also practicing using uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence and lowercase letters throughout. In math we are continuing to use the ten’s frame while decomposing numbers. On Wednesday we will be attending a cultural arts program in the morning to learn about different types of music. (Thank you PTA for providing this opportunity!) Just as a reminder there will be no school for students on Friday, November 4th.
Ideas for home:
·       Instead of reading the word ring for homework try these ideas:
o     Go on a word wall word hunt with your child though a magazine or newspaper using a highlighter to see who can highlight more word wall words!
o     Get out some shaving cream and have your child write their word wall words in shaving cream!
o     Use scrap paper and write the word wall words on different pieces of paper. Crumble them up and have a “snow ball fight” be sure to read the word wall words before you throw the paper snow!
o     Make a PowerPoint of word wall words- add sounds, music and pictures (I would be happy to share this with the class!)