September 30, 2011

Apples will continue into next week. We will still be counting weighing and using our senses to discover more about apples. In science, we will be discovering the life cycle of an apple. In language arts our new word wall word will be look. We will be discussing the letter sounds and focusing specifically on the letters S and M. We will be writing to inform about the fall. We will also be discussing words that are the same and different. For example I may say “Home and home, is that the same word or different?” or “Home and hope, is that the same word or different?” In math, we will continue to work on number sense to ten. We will also begin to compare numbers by using words like, “greater than, less than or equal to”. Today we began reading buddies. This is where some of the fifth grade students come to our class to read with us. It shows kindergarten many positive reading strategies and allows the kindergarten to make friends with fluent readers and positive role models. We will be doing this for about 15 minutes every Friday.
Fun things to do at home in preparation for next week:
  • Discuss activities you like to do in the fall and why
  • Practice words that are the same and different