Student Work

Kindergarten students have been hard at work this winter in the media center! They have learned how to use and log onto the Chromebooks, complete research on PebbleGo and share their research through Chatterpix!  After researching an animal of their choice with a partner, students used the Chatterpix app on our iPads to create a short (10-20 second) video about their animal.  They did a fantastic job!

Click on the name on an animal to view students' videos.

Bender Devan Heller White
Saber tooth tiger Alligator Cat American quarter horse
Brachiosaurus Hammerhead shark Black widow spider Blue shark
Killer whale Tiger shark African penguin Tyrannosaurus rex
Giant panda Tyrannosaurus rex Allosaurus Barracuda
Velociraptor Tiger Great white shark Tyrannosaurus rex
Wolf Blue shark Apatosaurus Bichon frise
Monarch butterfly Velociraptor Cobra Hammerhead shark
Stingray African penguin Hammerhead shark Velociraptor
Swordfish Dolphin Cheetah Cat
Pufferfish Cat Monarch butterfly Tyrannosaurus rex
Pteranodon Crow Tyrannosaurus rex Killer whale
Parrotfish Cat Cat Brachiosaurus
Hammerhead shark Pteranodon Jaguar Great white shark