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Kimberly Imboden


3rd Grade

 Welcome to Mrs. Imboden's Third Grade Class Homepage!

Third grade is an important year as your child is moving from the primary to the intermediate grades in elementary school.  It is my goal to see that they are well prepared for the future.

My educational philosophy is simple.  All children are capable of learning whether those gains are small or large.  The purpose of education is to insure that every student is given the opportunity to successfully learn.  

I will provide warmth, humor and respect that will encourage students to be both physically and mentally ready for school every day. 

I also want each day to be a positive experience for my students.  Children in the 21st century have a lot more stress in their lives than previous generations and I want them to look forward to the day when they walk into my classroom.  If they know that they will be doing more than reading out of textbooks and taking tests, then they will have the good attitude that I require.  They will be engaged in learning and take so much more away from their lessons.

Thank you for sharing your child with me.  

Mrs. Imboden