Tues Sept 11

 We had Library today!  We did not get books today but will start getting them next week!  We started a new job in the exploration center!  We added blue rice to our exploration table, and hid letters in it.  When kids come to the exploration center, they need to find some letters and write them down on their clipboard! We met a puppet named Chef Larry who loves letters.  We helped him make soup by adding some uppercase M's and lowercase m's to his soupbowl!  After sorting them, we counted and compared the sets. 

Monday Sept 10

Today Mr Tressler came to visit and talk about his job!  Mr T. is our school counselor. We introduced a new job in construction! If your child chooses to go to the construction center, before they play they need to choose a matchbox car and drive it on at least three letter roads (large letters that look like roads), then they need to write down those letters on their piece of paper.  We will add a job to a different center every day until they all have jobs!  We used our promethian board to sort pictures of objects into their shapes.  We counted each set and then compared them.


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