First Projects

Students are in the middle of their first projects of the year.  Already I am seeing great ideas springing onto the paper!  Reminder to parents that on an Art day it might be better not to wear the great new or favorite outfit.  We will be experimenting with all different kinds of art materials this year, and even though art shirts are recommended accidents happen.  For more information on removing stains from clothing please check out the Stain Information page on my website.

Wed Sept 19

We talked about the calendar and added to the weather graph.  We wrote a sentence together and are starting to listen to the sounds in the words we want to write.  As I am stretching out the sounds in the words I want to write... the kids are listening to the sounds and are starting to make the connecitions between the sounds that they hear and the letters that I write. This is a very long but important process! We re-read the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and talked about the author and the illustrator's job.  We cut and colored the second page of our Brown Bear Book.

Tuesday Sept 18

Today was Library day!  The kids had a great time learning about our school library and getting to pick out thier first books! We had "Wizzy" the word wizzard pick a child's name out of our name jar to put on our ABC board... and today it was Dalvin! We guessed who it was and then talked about his letters as we wrote it and then put it on the ABC wall! We are making a grocery store in Imagination!  If you have any old boxes of food stuff that you could send in, we would appreciate it!  Any empty box is appreciated! Cracker boxes, cereal boxes, pasta or chips... whatever you have!

Friday Sept 14

 What a fun day we had!  Yesterday, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We wrote about our favorite animal from the story in our journals.  Today, we re-read the story and then retold the story through our story box.  Inside the story box is all the characters from the book, and we pulled them out and sequenced them from the story. Then we started making our own Brown Bear Brown Bear book!  We cut apart the forst 4 pages of our book and colored them like in the real book!  On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will finish cutting and coloring the pages and put the book together so we can take it home!


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