Thursday Oct 4

We put up Nicholas on our ABC board today!  We talked about the letters in his name and practiced writing them in the air.  We read a nonfiction book about apples to gain information, then talked about what we learned.  We talked about the author's and the illustrator's job.  We illustrated our poem "The Apple Tree" and will put it in our poetry book. We talked a lot today on making sure that the picture on the page matches the one in our heads!  So we practiced thinking of something in the poem and then trying to write it down so that it matches! In math we played a counting game...

Tuesday Oct 2 and Wednesday Oct 3

On Tuesday, we had a lot of fun running for the wolfpack!  Since it was raining, we stayed in the gym and took turns running a lap around the gym.  It was a lot of fun cheering for everyone! After we were done running, we stopped up in library and got new books. 
On Wednesday, we made a little book called "The Apple Tree"  Have your child read it to you!  They can read the pictures, read the poem from memory or read the words...  all are the way a 4 year old kid reads!!  Make sure to tell them how awesome they are!

Monday Oct 1

We are continuing our apple unit!  Today we read an apple counting book and then when the 5th graders came, we broke into small groups and created our own counting book buy using apple stickers!  When you see any of these books come home, please ask your child to "read" it to you.  Accept all attempts!  We talk about how good readers look at the pictures of the book, and they can read the pictures or the words.  If they are looking at the pictures and loosely retelling the book from memory... then they are reading!!  Tell them what awesome readers they are!

Thursday Sept 27

 We had a great day today! We added Nicole to our ABC wall!   We are still talking about apples.  We used our fine motor muscles to tear pieces of colored paper to decorate our red, yellow or green apple.  We put them on the bulletin board outside our classroom, so come take a look!  We added a new computer to our center time!  The kids are using and are playing with the Letter page.  We sorted a bag of apples and counted them to make the number match the number of apples in the set.  We read the Ff book and started talking about the syllables in words. 


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