Wednesday Oct 10

Today we talked about how to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction.  We looked at several books on fire safety and decided that we have both kinds of texts. With our fifth grade helpers, we sequenced a story about a fireman going to put out a fire... it is in their bookbags today! We talked about the many different kinds of equipment that firefighters use. The kids were amazed that there are fire boats, and fire helicopters!  In math, we are continuing to match numerals to sets and counting up to 5 and then 10.   

Tuesday Oct 9

We have Library today!  Today's lesson will be talking about "Stay Low and Go"  This means that in a fire there is always smoke. Sometimes even a very small fire can give off a lot of smoke.  Smoke can make you cough and feel bad, so we want to stay away from it. So if you see smoke in your house, your job is to get out.  If the smoke is heavy you can stay close to the floor where the smoke isn't as heavy.

Monday Oct 8

This week we are going to be talking about fire safety. This is a very scary subject for some kids so please let me know if there are any problems at home!  I will do my best to give them information to keep them safe, but I will try to ease their fears as well.  Yesterday's lesson was talking about their job.  I told them if they ever hear their smoke detector go off in their house, their job is to get out of the house, and go to their meeting place (a tree in their yard, a neighbor's doorstep, the mailbox...

Friday Oct 5

We made applesauce!  First we talked about how we could make it! They decided we needed apples... so we got them out. But then we had to figure out how to make it look like applesauce!  The kids reccommended things to try...  We tried to "make it flat" with our hands. We tried to cut the apples up. We tried to squoosh it with a rolling pin.  We tried to stir it...  Then we talked about how we needed to get it soft before we can smash it!  So we talked about how to get it soft and then figured out we needed to cook it for a while.


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