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October 26, 2011

Beginning next week we will be learning the word wall word play. We will also begin discussing the letter N and the sound that it makes. In writing we still are focusing on writing in complete sentences while using finger spaces, correct punctuation, and correct spelling of word wall words. We are also practicing using uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence and lowercase letters throughout.

October 20, 2011

Next week should be a lot of fun! We will be focusing on our new word wall word, come. In writing we will be working on sounding out words and finger spacing while writing about Halloween. We will be learning more about the letter P. We will also be reading the book There Was an Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.  In math we are going to be using the ten’s frame to decompose numbers. We will also be working with handwriting this week both with numbers and letters.

October 14

Next week we will be focusing on the word wall word “play” and practicing letter identification and letter sounds. In math, we will be working on less than and greater than using numbers one through ten. Just as a reminder conferences are next week. This means that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be half days. Lunch will not be served Tuesday and Wednesday due to the four hour late arrival. However, lunch will be served Thursday at 10:00 but it will be optional because schools will be closing three and a half hours early.

October 7, 2011

Next week will be exciting! We are going to go to the firehouse on Monday morning. We will discover fire prevention techniques as well as fire safety rules. While at the fire house we will get to explore the fire trucks and fire house. In language arts we are going to learn the new word wall word “here”. We will be focusing on the letter H and writing about fire safety. We are going to be learning about word boundaries. In math we are going to continue to work on number sense by decomposing numbers one through ten.


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