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March 4th

Next week we will be having a very different schedule, due to MSA testing. Although our subjects and specials are at very different times our lunch and recess remains the same. Our specials will be on the same days, just at different times. Therefore, still bring in your library books on Monday and wear tennis shoes on PE days.

February 17th

Just as a reminder Friday, February 18th will be a 2 hour early dismissal and Monday, February 21st schools are closed. This week we began discussing money in math, specifically coins. We will continue to talk about money next week. To help, at home, have your child identify the penny, nickel, dime and quarter. They should also know how much these coins are worth. In language arts we are going to be focusing on the word “of”. We will also be practicing medial vowel sounds, both long and short. We have also received classroom pets for the next two weeks.

February 10th

What an exciting week we have next week! Monday we will have not only our Valentine’s Day party at 2:15, but also our 100th day of school celebration. That means in the morning students will be rotating to all of the kindergarten classrooms to do a fun 100th day of school activity. Students will be participating in everything from creating a 100th day hat to graphing 100 items. In the afternoon our rooms have designed a great party for us to have! Please send in your Valentine cards as soon as they are completed for students to pass out.

December 8

We have an exciting few weeks left before the winter break. Next week we will begin the word wall word “are”. We have also begun word families and will continue with “ish” words such as “fish” or “wish”. We will also be writing about the book, “Polar Express”. We will continue to practice rhyming but also begin the “sh” digraph as in “ship”. In our social studies, December Holiday unit, we will focus on Christmas and Kwanzaa. In math we will be doing holiday math and continue our study of 3-D shapes.


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