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Nov 12

Today we will read the Itsy Bitsy Spider and talk about the problem in the story! (the spider keeps getting wet!)  Then we will try to help out by figuring out the best fabric to make his raincoat out of!  We will test the fabric by dropping water on them to see which would be the best material to use.

Friday Oct 12

On Friday,  we had the firefighters visit!! At first, we went outside and had a look through the firetrucks and the ambulance.  The firefighters talked about the equipment on the trucks, and how they might use them.  Then, we went to the cafeteria and looked more closely at the firefighter's protective clothing.  As we watched, Firefighter Steve turned from a friendly man, into a firefighter completely dressed in his protective gear.  We talked about that although he might look different in his gear, he is in fact the same person, and only wants to help you and keep you safe.

Thursday Oct 11

 We will talk about what to do if fire gets on your clothes.  We really won't dwell on this too much as it can get scary for them, but will mostly just teach them "Stop, Drop and Roll" and practice it!   *WARNING* We will also talk about 911.  We will talk about that 911 is for emergencies only and we will talk about different scenarios where it is ok and not ok to call 911. We will take some time to make sure they know that they can not call it unless it is an emergency.


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