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Weekly Update (Week 8)

 Happy Friday 3rd Grade Parents,

It was very nice to have a full 5 day week this week!  Unfortunately, that feeling is fleeting as we move towards two very crazy weeks!  I want to apologize in advance for the length of this e-mail but there is a lot to cover.

Weekly Update (Week 5)

We had a wonderful and VERY different week this week!  The 2hr dismissal and day off in the middle of the week definitely caused our schedule to change a little bit.  We completed all of our state project presentations and every student did a fantastic job!  I was very impressed by the posters and visuals that your students created.  They are currently being displayed in our classroom and will stay up as decoration until our new project replaces them.

Weekly Update (Week 3)

Happy Friday Families :) 

We had a very productive week!  In writing we worked on writing about small moments with lots of detail.  Your students wrote wonderful stories about a special place in their life.  Ask your child about their story and the place they chose to write about.  We also learned about adjectives which helped when we were describing our places.


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