5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade
Language Arts
In language arts, students read to be informed, to perform a task, and for literary experience.
  Instruction will focus on:

         * Continuing to develop strategies for determining unknown words
         * Reading and listening to comprehend different types of literature                                                           
Instruction will focus on three main units.
       * Earth Science:  Rocks, Weathering, and Erosion
       * Physical Science: Electricity and Magnetism
       *Life Science:  Habitats and Terrariums / Microscopes

Social Studies: 
 The following units will be taught:
     *American Beginnings
     *Colonial America
     *Rising Conflict and Revolution

The goals in math are to develop mathematical skills and reasoning abilities needed for problem solving, to choose appropriate technological tools to solve problems, and to demonstrate positive attitudes towards mathematics.
    Instruction will focus on the following areas:

        *Mathematical thinking and processes
        *Number Relationships and Computation
        *Data Analysis and Statistics
        *Algebra Patterns and Functions